We have had a lot of phone calls from some of our pupils and other pupils regarding the driving test fees going up.
The sad truth is that the driving test fees have not went up recently but some pupils are using a third service that is charging a booking fee to book your test for you.

The main website people are using instead of the dsa website is direct driving test we will not be publishing their web address as i do not want to help this company achieve any rankings.

DDT charge you an additional £20 for booking a test that you can do on your own as from what i can see you put in the same effort but pay an additional fee for it.

The official website is the test currently cost £62 there will never be an additional booking fee no matter what card you decide to use.

Hope this saves a few pupils wasted time, effort and money when booking there test.

If you are still having difficulty booking your test contact us on 07776272023.

johnny topgear


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