The newly produced cars and vehicles are so well packaged with advanced safety gadgets that accidents should not be any possible. Yet, we hear of road-accidents every now and then. In fact, the highest number of death recorded from road accident surpass other causes and in most cases, you will come to know that the accident could have been averted if the one behind the wheel abided by safe driving tips. Remember, safe driving tips translate into safety and well-being for you as well as others. Speeding will amount to committing suicide. Maintaining the legal speed limit promises you all the advantages and gives you a superior control while you drive a vehicle.it helps you to avert unforeseen errors from other drivers. These days, even passengers are required to use safety belts. Maintaining a safe distance between two vehicles is essential to avoiding accidents. One of the best tips for safe driving is to Pay full concentration on the road at all times. Most accident occurs due to distractions from the driver’s angle, probably to take a peek at cell phone messages or to change a disc in their CD player, or even change the music playlist. All these action distracts driver attention off the road thus causing shutdown off senses such as the road vision and hands off the steering wheel and we all know what this can actually lead to.

Drivers’ cautiousness towards the surroundings and towards other driver’s driving pattern is very important in avoiding accidents. Drivers should always assess every steps taken by other drivers ranging from whether they are about to make the right turn or not or whether they are about to overtake or not. This is a major key in determining your next action. Make use of Signal lamps, h3 tested headlights, reverse lights, third brake lights as a form of indication to signal other drivers of your intention. Driving under the influence of any substance be it alcohol or drugs, Is just another risky step to take. If you are addicted to alcohol check out Resurgence California alcohol treatment centers. These substance negatively affect driver’s senses thus affects drivability. The substance reduces motor function of the brain causing driver’s slow reaction and inability to react when faced with difficult situation. Defensive driving safety tips are something all drivers, especially novices, should know. Always pay attention to what is going on around you. Always assume you are the only driver on the road with the right senses. Even if it’s your right of way, don’t expect that oncoming car to yield to you! Most drivers do things which should not be assumed from a right thinking being. Rainy days are great for staying off at home with a book and a hot drink and not much else.

Staying off the road in such weather is one of the best driving safety tips you can get. If it is compulsory for you to get behind the wheel, exercise an extra cautiousness, drive slowly on icy roads. Put a very distinct distance, approximately three times more than usual, between your vehicle and the one ahead to allow yourself plenty of time to stop. Never stomp on the brakes as this can cause your wheels to lock and your car to slide without control. Road rage occurrence is not just rampant but also frequent nowadays. It doesn’t cost you anything to pave way to the car ahead of you, sometimes we just have to apply a bit of meekness on the road, And, if you’re one of those devil-may-care drivers who live to weave in and out of lanes, ask yourself this: how much travel time do you actually save before you end up in hospital or worse? What could be worse than damaging your car and bringing yourself to harm. Food is another common distraction for most drivers. Think about it; if you’ve got one hand on your wheel and the other one on your dough nuts. What would happen if you suddenly had to depend on your French fry-greased hands to make a sharp turn to avoid hitting a small child or a semi-truck? Hope you get it. Apart from these “drive safely” rules, there are some specific safe driving tips, which you need to adhere to in order to steer your vehicle in the right course. Accordingly, a safety tip for an unfavorable weather conditions will be to slow down. Driving becomes a big challenge  during rains and snows. The tires lose traction and your vehicle tends to slide without control. Going slow gives you the opportunity to take defensive and effective action. Always slow down at meeting points and watch-out for the light-signals. The other safety tip you need to abide by at intersections is to make a slow start even when the red light turns green.  As trivial as this sound, it might go a long way to avoid a fatal accident and further urge to find an auto accident lawyer, always check both the sides – right and left – before driving through an intersection.

When overtaking a vehicle, one should carefully look into all the mirrors to watch-out for any approaching vehicle and then signal your move into the passing zone. Once in the passing zone, you need to accelerate to go past the other vehicle. Maintenance is important too, make sure you routinely check all parts of your car, this  plays an equally important role in safe driving. The “last but not the least” tip will be ion being cautious- “Never attempt driving with a 99% of attention, the remaining one percent might cause an accident”. Even the whole lot of safe driving tips will pledge you no safety if you manage to drive our car even when you are weak, tired to the hilt or drive in an intoxicated state. Alcohol, over-the-counter drugs are known to affect the brain and the central nervous system. Consider an idea of wrapping your car by Fleet Wrap HQ | The Best in Fleet Vehicle Wraps. By observing these simple driving safety tips, accidents could definitely be avoided. Always ensure that your car is in good condition and all parts are working fine. With all these, a higher level of safe driving is guaranteed, Enjoy accident free ride.



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