Insurance costs for new drivers

You’ve just got your first car, you’re excited to get behind the wheel and test it out on the open road. However, before you get to enjoy the open road and newly found freedom, you need to ensure you have adequate insurance cover and peace of mind. First – own health, easy to use US, Canada, European application service etc. When it comes to the cost of car insurance premiums, Scotland is actually much cheaper than the rest of the UK.  We’ve put together a list of top tips on how to save money if you are a first time driver.



Top 5 tips for getting a cheaper premium


·         1. Choose a car with a smaller engine

Pick a car with a smaller engine. High powered cars with big engines are expensive to insure. A one litre car or 1.2 litre should be sufficient to get you started. The best cars for new drivers are in categories 1-5 so ask your insurer about these when getting an initial quote.


·         2. Shop around for the best quote

It’s amazing how insurance companies tend to advertise the “best price” with insurance policies, however, when it comes to the crunch, the reality can be quite different. Shop around for the best rate, as premiums can differ dramatically, in some cases up to hundreds of pounds. You’ll be glad you shopped around when you see how much you can save. Two of the biggest consolidator websites for car insurance are and


·         3. Don’t buy a car with modifications

While modifications may be visually appealing, they can actually increase the price of your premium significantly.  Modifications are not popular with insurance companies and lowered suspension or loud exhausts are going to cost you more when it comes to insuring your car. Insurance companies are wary of “boy racer” type cars and modifications, so they will adjust the premium accordingly. It’s best to steer clear of these until you are a more experienced driver. Your wallet will thank you!


·         4. Have a clean driving licence

Penalty points or driving convictions such as drink driving will adversely influence your premium. If you are a young driver with these types of driving offences on your record, you might find that some insurers will not even quote you for insurance. If they do, they are likely to charge you hefty premiums.  Building up a ‘No Claims Bonus’ is a big advantage when it comes to insurance renewals. This means that you have no claims for accidents over the course of your policy. For example: a driver with 5 years ‘No Claims Bonus’ will probably  get a discount on their premium, when it comes to renewing their policy.

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·         5. Add a named driver to your policy

By adding a fully insured named driver like a family member, you can help to reduce your premium. However, it is against the law to put them down as the main driver of the vehicle if this is not the case. This is known as ‘fronting.’

By following the tips above, you should get a more reasonable premium. The good news is that as you build up your ‘No Claims Bonus’ you will benefit from a discount as long as you haven’t had any claims on your policy.


If you are looking to get quotes from multiple insurance companies why not check out Google insurance as well,.


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