Summer waiting times for test

Had a lot of phone calls lately about intensive courses from people search for driving lessons and thought i would put up some information.


The current waiting times for driving test in all areas of Glasgow is around 6-7 weeks. The reason for such long waiting times is that there are a lot more people taking lessons leading up to the summer holidays, it seems to be heavier that ever this year with more and more people looking to fast track there driving LESSONS.

If you are thinking of doing a intensive driving course these are a few things you might want to consider.


1.  waiting times :  we cant hold test for you so expect to wait around 6 weeks for a test unless you are lucky enough to come across a cancellation.

2. Theory Test : guys we cant book your test unless you have passed your theory. If you have not passed your theory add another 2-3 weeks on to your waiting times.

3. Availability : We are one of the busiest driving schools in Glasgow so will not be able to put you on an intensive course if you only give us 1 weeks notice. We try and fit everyone in but an instructor cant miss all his other pupils just to put one in so doing the course semi intensively is the way to go.

4. Your availability : If you are doing a 35 hour intensive course you must have a full ten days off from any thing else you have to do. the maximum you want to drive in any session is 3 hours any more than this is a waste, many instructors might disagree with this but you are learning something new you need  time to absorb the information that is been fired at you just like with any other practice like training on <a style=”text-decoration: none” href=””><font color=”#555555″>rowing machine</font></a> for example.


If we havent put you off then best of luck remember plan your course it should not be a spur of the moment thing course fees are expensive take your time to consider the facts that we have put in front of you.


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