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The practical driving test last 38-40 mins. Where you should be able to show a competent level of driving ability. During the test you will be asked to perform a mixture of manoeuvres.

You are allowed up to 15 minor mistakes but three in the same area shows a significant weakness in that area which will result in a fail. If you receive a serious or dangerous fault you automatically fail the test.




  1. Try and treat the driving test as it were any other of your lessons. Easy to say but very hard to do, remember the test is a chance to show off the skills you have learned.
  2. Dont look at the examiners marking sheet there are several times the examiner will mark the sheet to confirm which manoeuvres you have completed, and in doing this you will not be concentrating on the road.
  3. Look well ahead identify your hazards these are the things that will most likely cause you to fail.
  4. When you are stopped at traffic lights/junctions remember to take a breath the brain needs oxygen keep feeding it!!!!.
  5. Mirrors, any driver can assess what is going on in front of them, the good drivers know whats going on behind. Its a constantly changing environment behind you so its not enough just to check you re mirrors when you re changing DIRECTION-SPEED OR SIGNALLING.
  6. THE EXAMINER, The examiners are there to do a job. Their job is to keep the roads safe from people who are not ready to be out on the roads themselves. The examiners are not bad people they have set criteria to stick to and must use their judgement to assess if it is safe to pass you.

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