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You are allowed 57 mins to complete the theory test which consists of 50 questions you have to score 43 or above to pass the theory part of the test.




  1. Buy a suitable cd-rom to practise and Purchase an up to date highway code. Topgear instructors recommend DRIVING TEST SUCCESS which has an in built highway code
  2. Read all questions carefully a lot of questions have slight differences like “what must you do” “what must you not do” and “mark one answer” “mark three answers” not reading the questions fully can lose you a lot of marks.
  3. Dont overwork on one part of the test. Because you are always passing the theory part of the test does not mean that you should then only start practising the hazard tests. Leading up to your test work on both parts.
  4. Dont leave it to the last minute. The amount of times a student has said i work better when its last minute. These are the pupils who usually sit the test two or three times. If you work better like this then build up slowly gradually increasing your study leading up to the test.
  5. Do your homework. Cant stress this enough by failing to prepare you will prepare to fail.
  6. Last but not least TAKE YOUR TIME 57 mins is plenty of time to answer all questions if you are not sure flag the question and come back to it. If you really dont know the answer have a guess dont leave it unanswered.

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